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1.  Mr.Hu from Sichuan: There are many oversea exhibitors presenting high quality oils in IOE, we already reached agreement with Lagar de Quiros S. L. from Spain to be their general agent in South-West China. 

2. Guangzhou Bofeng Lotus supermarket chain. Mr. Ye says: We met so many high-end edible oil and olive oil products in the exhibition. It is our mainly discuss object , and we have signed the intent agreement with over 20 manufacturers.

3 Mr. Zhang from Freely Imported Food Franchise Store :" We got a lot aftering visiting this exhibition,  we have signed the cooperation agreement with several oveasea companies. "

4 Mr. Lv from Guangdong Yi Street electronic commerce co., LTD: Yi Street is an E-business company. We contacted with 20 food imported company and 9 of them will be our potential partners.

5 Mr. Liao from Super Shopping Plaza Co., LTD: IOE provides exactly what we want! Our company focuses on importing organic food inculding olive oils from aboard. Hope we can participate in IFE next year.