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Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Associaion(JSS)in IFE China 2016
Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Associaion(JSS) Have Confirmed Their Participation in IFE The 16th China International Food and Guangzhou Import Food Exhibition 2016

The Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association was established pursuant to the Japanese Act on Securing of Liquor Tax and on Liquor Business Associations (Act No. 7, enacted on February 28, 1953, last revised in 2006 as Act No. 10). It aims to secure government revenue from liquor taxation and ensure safe and secure liquor business transactions.

An Introduction to JAPANESE SHOCHU 

Like whiskey, brandy and vodka, Japanese Shochu is a distilled spirit.

In particular, Honkaku Shochu and Awamori are made from grains and tubers, mainly sweet potato varieties and potatoes, grown in Japan's rich and varied climate, carefully fermented by koji (fermenting agent) and distilled in Japan. They have earned the appellation “KOKUSHU”: national alcoholic spirit because they embody the essence of Japan.Their distinctive deliciousness ensures their enduring popularity in Japan.

1. Chuko Awamori Distillery Co., Ltd.

Established in 1949.  Chuko is named after the founding family. Dedicated in its company policy  ~ Succession and Revolution of Awamori Culture~. Company is trying to research the ancient production methods of Awamori and revive of it. 

Products introduction: 

1) Chuko Genshu 3years old 720ml 43%:  Using locally-grown Mango fruit yeast and aged for 3 years.  Vanilla like flavor and typical Ku-su sweetness.

2) Chuko Yokkakoji 720ml 43%: Koji-making process takes 4 days, usually 2 days, which brings a brand-new taste of Awamori.  High in alcohol, yet fruity flavor with pear-like aroma.

3) Chuko Gold Premium 720ml 30%: Blended with 6% of 10 years old Ku-su, 63 % of 3 years old(Mango fruit yeast) and 31% of regular awamori.  Complex of each Awamori flavor are well-balanced.  Fresh and honey-like sweetness. 

2.Himeizumi & Co., Ltd.

Located in the north part of Miyazaki prefecture.Produces Imo (Sweet potato), Mugi(Barley), Kome(Rice) and Soba(buckwheat) Shochu. Established in 1831 and current president is 7th generation.  All process are done by hands.

Products introduction: 

1) Imo Shochu Muroka Gohei Kohun 720ml 25 %: Produced by locally-grown sweet potato(Beniharuka) thru non-filtration methods, which bring a real taste and sweetness of sweet potato itself.

2) Imo Shochu Muroka Gohei Genshu 500ml 38 %: Produced by locally-grown sweet potato(Kogane Sengan) thru non-filtration methods. This is crude shochu of higher alcohol.

3) Mugi Shochu Zenryoukurokouji-jikomi Nanadaime Himeno 900ml  23%: Produced by locally-grown Mugi(barley) and black koji, which brings a deep aroma and taste.

4) Mugi Shochu  Yukyu-no-kura  720ml 25%:
Aged in an oak barrel to realize a deep and sweet taste.

3.Kuge Honten Co., Ltd.

Established in 1860 at Usuki, Oita, where a famous town for brewing. 「Quality comes first」is their un-changed company policy . They use only locally-grown ingredients, sweet potato, barley and rice.

Products introduction:

1) Mugi Shochu Tsunezo Global Bottle 720ml 25%: This product is produced by normal pressure distillation method and bottled in a decorative black bottle with gold label, which represents “Cool Japan”. Mild, yet a slight sweetness.

2) Mugi Shochu Tsunezo 900ml 20%: Using bamboo charcoal for filtration. Aged for more than 1 year which realizes milder taste.  It goes well with citrus fruit as well.

3) Imo shochu Tsunezo  720ml 25%: Produced by locally-grown sweet potato and distilled under normal pressure which brings a real taste of sweet potato.

4.Kyoya Distiller & Brewer Co., Ltd

Established in 1834.  Using only selected ingredients and clay pot.Producing the real Shochu at a smaller batch with a help from the nature.

Products introduction:

1) Imo Shochu Kameshizuku 900ml 20%: Partly using organically-grown Miyazaki sweet potato, which brings fruity and rich flavor.  Pot style bottle.

2) Imo Shochu “Sora & Kaze & Daichi Genshu” 720ml 42%: Produced by using famous Sake rice “Yamadanishiki” as a koji rice. This crude Shochu brings a real taste and flavor of ingredients itself.

3) Imo Shochu “Heihachiro” 720ml 25%: Using black koji which brings strong character and full-body taste. 

4) Liqueur “Green tea and Jasmine” 720ml  8%: Green tea and Jasmine are blended with Mugi Shochu. This liqueur brings you a fresh and sweet aroma and flavor. Enjoy chille

5.Sanwa Shurui Co., Ltd.

Iichiko” is the most popular brand of Shochu.「Quality comes first」is the never changing company’s policy.

Products introduction:

1) Iichiko Pack 1,750ml 20%: Mild flavor and rich taste even after diluted by water or on-the-rock. Low in alcohol, yet a real Mugi shochu taste.

2) Iichiko Kogane no Imo 700ml 25%: Produced by using selected sweet potato and koji making techniques. Fruity aroma and deep flavor.

3) Iichiko Special 720ml  30%: Long-aged Mugi shochu using newly-developed yeast. It bring you a special flavor.

4) Iichiko Frasco Bottle 720ml 30%: “Koji-only making” and “Low-temperature fermentation” are the key points for this unique flavor and deep taste Shochu. Enjoy on-the-rock, with water, with hot water.

You are warmly welcomed to learn more and tast JAPANESE SHOCHU at their booths D06 in Hall 10.2 on June29-July 1,2016. 


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